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Reasons Why Doctor Strange’s Wong Should Get His Own MCU Project



Doctor Strange’s Wong has been a fan favorite in the MCU for quite some time now, so why shouldn’t the Sorcerer Supreme get his own MCU project?

Few franchises in the entertainment industry have been able to expand as far and wide as the MCU has, reaching every single corner of the globe and creating multiple projects that have earned billions of dollars on their own. Regardless of how some people might feel about the MCU or superhero projects in general, it’s indisputable that Marvel has created something that a large surplus of fans have been able to rally around and find comfort in for the past decade and a half. While many things have contributed to Marvel’s cinematic success, it’s in no small part because of the engaging and relatable heroes that the MCU has brought forth – one of which is Wong.

Wong is Sorcerer Supreme


Make jokes or snide comments about how Doctor Strange is the actual Sorcerer Supreme — the facts don’t lie. Regardless of the fact that Strange was snapped away by Thanos, ultimately causing Wong to take on the role of Sorcerer Supreme during his absence, the title never officially passed back to Strange. So, for all intents and purposes, Wong still needs to be respected as the most powerful sorcerer in the universe.

Wong Has Had Cameos in Several Other MCU Projects


This is the real reason why Wong should get his own project. Marvel keeps teasing audiences by bringing the character in for cameos. As we stated earlier, Wong wasn’t a one-and-done character after his appearance in Doctor Strange, and he later showed up in Infinity WarEndgame, Shang-ChiSpider-Man: No Way Home, and of course, the Doctor Strange sequel that debuted in May. That’s five cameo appearances in the last four years.

Not only were these cameos close to one another, but Wong was actually given more than a cameo appearance in Infinity War, where he helped warn the world of Thanos’ arrival and fought against two of Thanos’ children shortly thereafter. He then had the task of bringing all the heroes to the final battle during Endgame and still managed to find time to have a side-gig as a superhero cage-fighter in Shang-Chi, where he defeated Abomination in combat. Take all of these appearances and combine them with how much fans love to see Wong every time he steps on screen, and it only makes sense to give the character his own standalone project if the MCU is committed to keeping him around anyway.

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